Staying Safe In The Colder Months

Staying safe in colder months

As the temperature begins to drop, there are a whole host of different safety precautions to ensure you avoid personal injury. From icy roads to extreme cold, it’s important to be aware of the ways we can be put at risk much more so than warmer periods of the year.

Know the Dangers

One of the most obvious is ice, both for pedestrians and drivers. Slips and falls on untreated ice, especially on uneven or sloped areas increases dramatically. It’s important to give yourself lots of extra time, as slips and falls are often caused by rushing or attempting to go at the same pace as we usually do when icy walkways should be crossed with some extra care and caution. You can also buy winter boots with extra ice grip, or extra grips that clip on to boots and shoes you already own. It may also be a good idea to save heeled footwear for indoors.

5298153509_4a1a0cac35_bTake Precautions

Keeping your own walkway and driveway salted and treated for ice will not only prevent yourself from falling or your car from slipping, but also others who cross your property’s driveway. Main roads and highways are usually taken care of in the early hours of the morning, with side streets and back roads taking a little longer than that. Try to stick to these main roads you know for sure will be treated if you’re an early riser, and safe the back alley shortcuts for later in the day.

Stay Warm

No matter how long you have to be outside, it doesn’t take long for frostbite to set in – so be sure all the necessary parts of your body are covered in warm clothing. As obsessed as we are with our mobile devices, many brands have gloves that have heat sensory pads in the fingertips, so you can still use your phone or tablet without needing to take them off.

In trying to keep warm indoors, many turn to candles or fireplaces so it’s important to practice fire safety at all times. Never leave open flames unattended or too close to items that can ignite or combust.

Remain updated on extreme weather alerts so you can alter any plans, routes or activities as requires. There may be times when there’s such heavy snowfall or damage after a winter storm, an area may be effectively shut down & you will be unable to leave your home, so having a prepared First Aid Kit filled with essentials will be imperative to you and your family.

No matter what you do this winter, make sure you do it safely.