RE-LAW LLP – Trial and Advocacy Lawyers in Toronto

re-law llp

Toronto has its fair share of longstanding law firms, but a new breed is coming to the city and making a difference. RE-LAW LLP is one of those firms.

Unlike the expensive Bay Street firms where millions are given to corner office partners who do not necessarily care about your case, RE-LAW is powered by the experience and brilliance of two hands-on lawyers; Aaron Rosenberg and David Elmaleh. While the firm is small, their combined experience allows them to service a wide range of practice areas and help organizations and individuals successfully navigate their way through difficult legal disputes.

Practice areas include:

  • Employment Law
  • Human Rights Cases
  • Defamation Suits
  • Criminal/Regulatory Law
  • Commercial Law
  • and more

Their Lawyers

re-law llpAaron Rosenberg is a founding partner of RE-LAW and highly experienced in civil litigation. He’s particularly focused on human rights disputes and employment cases.

David Elmaleh is another founding partner of RE-LAW who started his illustrious career by being made a partner at his prior downtown firm after only 3.5 years, a significant accomplishment. He’s a trial savvy lawyer who has a broad range of litigation experience and has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal.

If you’re interested in working with RE-LAW LLP, you can contact them here.